Market Report – 1 February

There was a slight increase in lambs and the quality slipped. Most of the trade weights and heavy lambs were just lacking finish. There was an increase in the numbers of unshorn store lambs which attracted strong competition from Re-stockers. Extra heavy lambs were in short supply. All the usual buyers operated, some not as strongly as previous weeks in a dearer market.

Restocking lambs sold from $84 to $125/head. The medium and heavy trade weights were $9 to $10 dearer, selling from $125 to $159/head and averaged 640c/kg. Heavy lambs gained at a similar rate selling from $151 to $175 and extra heavies sold to $214.60/head and averaged between 620c to 640c/kg.

Mutton numbers remained steady. The quality was very mixed, but prices were dearer by $8 to $10 on the medium weights and heavy weights gained $2 to $4/head on average. Medium weight ewes ranged from $84 to $118/head and averaged from 440c to 460c/kg. Heavy weight crossbred ewes made from $107 to $130/head to average 410c/kg.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

CLICK HERE to download the SELX Market Report – Prime Sheep & Lamb sale – 1 February 2017.

Photo: Corey Nicholson, Holman Tolmie achieved a SELX record price when he sold XB Lambs on behalf of Elrington Pastoral, Wallendbeen to a top of $214.60ph.