Market Report – 11 August 2021

Total Yarding: 9647

Lamb numbers eased and the quality was fair to good. Only a few new season lambs were penned and most of the lambs were older heavy weights. Trade lambs were in reasonable numbers as were extra heavy weights, while Merino lambs were back in both numbers and quality. The market sold to a cheaper trend.

New season trade lambs sold from $186 to $215 and heavy weights reached a top of $258/head. Restockers paid from $111 to $204/head for the better end of the lambs.

Old 2 score processing lambs made from $126 to $166/head with a little more restocking activity. Trade lambs to 24kg were $6 to $10 cheaper, selling from $185 to $215, while the 24 to 26kg lambs dropped $7, selling from $206 to $249/head. Heavy 26 to 30kg lambs remained firm with larger runs of short skinned lambs selling from $213 to $266/head, averaging 880c/kg cwt. Extra heavy weights reached $340/head. Merino trade weights sold firm from $156 to $178 and heavy lambs reached $250/head.

Mutton numbers were back and the quality was good. Medium and heavy sheep were well supplied and prices were firm on the light and medium weights and $6/head cheaper on the heavy mutton. Medium weight ewes sold from $112 to $162 and heavy crossbred ewes made from $180 to $248/head. Merino ewes reached $214/head.

Photo: Michael Hall (Michael Hall Livestock) sold 191 XB Lambs on behalf of J&R Corby, Taralga to a top of $290 ph.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service. Click here to download the full SELX Market Report.