Market Report – 11 January

Total Yarding: 1,228

Numbers lifted and the quality was good. Yearlings were much better supplied and feeders were again active on most. Vealers and grown cattle remain in short supply. Around 70 cows were penned to a smaller group of buyers.

Light vealer steers to re-stockers reached 360c/kg. Medium weights feeder yearling steers were 1c to 2c cheaper, while the heavy weights lifted 15c/kg on a larger and better quality run. Most of the steers sold from 273c to 310c/kg. The medium weight feeder heifers lifted 10c/kg due to an increase in numbers and the heavy heifers were steady. Prices ranged from 272c to 295c/kg. The few trade cattle sold from 255c to 285c/kg.

Prime grown steers over 500kg were firm to sell from 250c to 285c and an average run of grown heifers to processors sold from 240c to 246c/kg. Most cows eased 2c to 3c with the 2 score medium weights from 185c to 205c and the heavy 3 and 4 scores from 204c to 212c/kg. The best of the heavy bulls reached 255c/kg.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: Michael Hall (Livestock) with XB Steers sold on behalf of E&A Connor, Taralga for 320c/kg, av 367.5kg, $1176ph.

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