Market Report – 12 February 2020

Total Yarding:  8,529

There was a sharp drop in lamb numbers and the quality was again mixed. Light lambs were still well supplied and there was a good run of prime trade and heavy weights but also a run of secondary lambs which lacked cover. The market sold to a stronger trend.

Light lambs to restock and feed sold from $125 to $175/head. The 2 score processing lambs to 16kg were $8 dearer, making from $123 to $145/head. Medium and heavy trade lambs lifted $15 to $20 and sold from $185 to $206/head. Heavy lambs gained $25 and sold from $208 to $243 and extra heavy lambs sold to $290/head. Carcase prices averaged between 870c and 930c/kg for the trade and heavy lambs.

Mutton numbers also eased sharply and the quality was mixed. Light weights were well supplied and there were only limited numbers of good heavy sheep. Light sheep lifted $10 to $13 and medium weights were $20 to $25/head dearer. Light sheep made from $83 to $132/head. Medium weights sold from $122 to $194 and heavy crossbred ewes reached $243/head.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: Phill, Butt Livestock sold XB Lambs to a top of $290 on behalf of Coralyn Pastoral Co, Greenthorpe, topping today’s sale.

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