Market Report – 15 June

Consignments eased and the quality was on average plainer, with the ideal feeder steers very scarce in the pens compared to the last market. Cows dominated the sale with over 400 penned. Competition was strong for the better bred end; however the plainer cattle struggled to maintain firm prices.

Cheaper trends were evident throughout the vealer categories; however the wintry conditions are starting to affect most drafts. The 200kg plus vealer steers returning to the paddock lost 15c, making from 340c to 396c/kg. The same weight heifer portion also to the restocker orders sold close to firm at 297c to 355c/kg, depending on breed. The limited supply of yearling steers eased 8c, with the medium weights purchased for extra finishing ranging from 290c to 360c/kg. The lighter weighted yearling heifers remained close to firm, with the restockers paying from 293c to 337c/kg to secure their selections. The better finished younger cattle to the trade eased 6c, the best topped at 340c/kg.

The heavy weight grown steers to slaughter lifted in number and sold at similar prices, week-on-week and made from 268c to 286c/kg. The best grown heifer topped at 306c/kg. The plainer cows to the processors eased 1c to 3c, with the 2 scores averaging 213c/kg. Restockers paid up to 246c/kg for good quality PTIC cows. The better finished heavy weights to the processors averaged 3c dearer, with prices ranging from 215c to 242c/kg. The best heavy weight bulls reached 287c/kg.

Total Yarding: 1,038

CLICK HERE to download the SELX Market Report – Prime Cattle sale – 15 June 2017.

Photo: Elders selling Angus x Heifers on behalf of F. Waters 355.2c/kg, av 233.5kg, $829.26ph.