Market Report – 16 September 2021

Total Yarding:  614

Numbers lifted and the quality was good with yearlings making up the largest percentage of the yarding. Feeders and restockers were the driving forces. Trade cattle were in limited numbers. There was a good run of heavy grown steers and bullocks and heavy grown heifers. Most of the cows were again heavy weights. Open auction cow and calf units were in larger numbers. The market lifted on the young cattle and bullocks, but heavy cows were cheaper.

The few weaners sold from 590c to 649c gaining 25c to 30c/kg. Medium weight feeder steers lifted 5c selling from 550c to 560c while similar weight restocking steers sold to 645c/kg. Heavy feeders averaged 550c/kg. Medium and heavy feeder heifers were 5c to 6c stronger 445c to 555c/kg depending on breed. The few heavy trade steers were 4c better ranging from 494c to 545c/kg.

Bullocks lifted 8c ranging from 400c for full mouth to 480c for 2 tooths and grown heifers were dearer reaching 468c/kg. Heavy cows were 15c to 20c cheaper with the 4 score cows 365c to 415c/kg. Open auction cow/calf units sold from $1600 for a single crossbred cow and calf to 8 Angus cows with an Angus calf at foot reached $3625/unit.

Photo: Wheeo P/L sold 52 Angus Steers with Elders for 637.2c/kg. 34 Steers (pictured) averaged 391kg returning $2492 ph.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service. Click here to download the full SELX Market Report.