Market Report – 17 December 2020

Total Yarding:  200

Numbers dropped and the quality was very mixed with a large percentage of plain crossbred cattle offered. There were a few pens of well bred medium and heavy feeder heifers which sparked some excitement in the buying group. Only 16 cows were offered and there were only a few full mouth bullocks.

Calves sold to 700c/kg. Medium and heavy feeder steers were firm with the better cattle selling from 372c to 400c/kg. A small run of feeder heifers were 20c dearer pushed buy a restocker and sold from 380c to 408c/kg.

Only 16 cows were offered and most were plain light 1 and 2 score cows which sold from 100c to 180c/kg. The best of the limited number of heavy cows reached 262c/kg.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: Carwoola Pastoral Co, Yass, sold 12 Angus Heifers with Elders for 400c/kg, ave 390.4kg, $1562ph.

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