Market Report – 19 August 2020

Total Yarding: 5,623

There was a big jump in numbers and the quality was fair to good. Around 1,750 new season lambs were offered and there was a small run of light trade Merinos. Old lambs were a little mixed in quality and heavy lambs sold to limited competition. Not all the usual buyers operated in a cheaper market.

Trade weight new season lambs were $15 to $20 cheaper selling between $129 and $142/head and averaged 610c to 635c/kg cwt. Heavy new season lambs made from $138 to $150 and extra heavy lambs reached $169/head. Restockers paid from $132 to $145/head for lambs to return to a crop.

Old light trade lambs were $8 cheaper, selling from $116 to $120 and medium and heavy trade lambs were $10 to $13 cheaper, making from $124 to $149/head or 570c to 620c/kg cwt. Heavy weights dropped $17 and sold from $127 to $149/head. Extra heavy weights reached $190/head with carcase prices averaging 490c to 560c/kg cwt. Light Merino trades were back $7 and sold from $109 to $121 and hoggets reached $160/head.

Mutton numbers also improved and the quality was plainer. Prices reflected the quality. Light and medium weight ewes were $4 to $5/head cheaper and heavy weights were firm. Medium weight ewes sold from $96 to $142/head. Heavy crossbred ewes reached $180 and Merino made to $165/head. Most averaged from 480c to 530c/kg cwt.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: S&M Kilby, Yarra sold 22 XB Lambs with Michael Hall Livestock & Property for $190ph.

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