Market Report – 20 February 2020

Total Yarding: 976

Cattle numbers were steady and the quality was a bit plainer with a lot more lighter yearlings and plenty of 1 and 2 score cows. Weaners were limited and grown steers were in very short supply. The market sold to varying trend depending on weights and condition.

Light weaner steers under 200kg sold to a top of 436c and heavier weights eased up to 30c reaching 384c/kg. Light weaner heifers were 30c dearer with most selling from 370c to 396c/kg. Medium weight feeders eased 2c and sold from 310c to 350c/kg. Heavy C3 steers were dearer reaching 372c/kg. Feeder heifers also sold to a much dearer trend with medium weights selling from 300c to 361c/kg. Heavy weights lifted 13c reaching 342c/kg. The few heavy trade steers reached 355c/kg.

Grown heifers to process lifted 9c making from 238c to 301c/kg. Medium weight cows were 20c to 30c cheaper with the 2 score cows selling from 235c to 265c/kg. Heavy 3 and 4 score cows were 15c to 20c softer, making from 266c to 290c/kg.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: Narambulla Partnership, Marulan sold 15 Angus Steers with Jim Hindmarsh & Co for 372.2c/kg, av 432.7kg, $1610.39ph.

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