Market Report – 26 September

Total Yarding:  22,024

Lamb numbers increased and quality was varied throughout. There were 7,500 head of new season lambs offered, which mainly consisted of lighter grades, along with a few well finished trade weights. The heavy lambs were limited in supply and Merino lamb numbers were similar, while the market continued its cheaper trend.

Light new season lambs to processors decreased by $7 to $15 and averaged from $103 to $124/head or 630c to 660c/kg cwt. The better store lambs sold from $73 to $112, easing $20/head.

Medium and heavy trade new season lambs were $15 to $20 cheaper, averaging from 670c to 700c/kg cwt, with finished heavy trade weight lambs making from $144 to $164/head. Heavy weight new season lambs sold from $176 to $208/head, averaging from 730c to 770c/kg cwt.

Mutton numbers increased and quality was very mixed throughout, with plenty of light and medium weight sheep. Light Merino ewes were $20 easier, making from $46 to $78/head or 340c/kg cwt. Medium weight Merino ewes eased $7, making from $90 to $121/head or 400c to 430c/kg cwt. Heavy first cross ewes sold to $168, while heavy Merino ewes made to $149/head.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: Pelican Pastoral Co. Goulburn sold 96 XB suckers with Landmark, this pen topped Wednesday’s sale at $208 ph.

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