Market Report – 4 May 2022

Prime Lamb & Sheep

Total Yarding: 11,760

Lamb numbers lifted and the quality was only fair to good with large drafts of light store lambs and only limited numbers of good trade lambs. There were only a few pens of prime heavy weights and a reduced number of extra heavy lambs. Merinos were very limited. The market sold to a dearer trend on the prime lambs lifting $10 to $15/head while the lighter and plainer lambs returning to the paddock eased $7/head.

Store lambs to 20kg cwt sold from $99 to $171/head, the latter were shorn lambs, trade weighted lambs back to the paddock $160 to $180/head. Prime trade lambs 20 to 24kg sold from $150 to $188/head and averaged 775c to 800c/kg and the 24 to 26kg cwt lambs ranged from $190 to $209/head or 750c to 775c/kg cwt. Heavy lambs ranged between $208 and $226/head and extra heavy lambs reached $240/head. Very heavy hoggets reached $226/head.

There was only a slight decrease in mutton numbers and the quality was mixed. Light 1 and 2 score mutton sold to a cheaper trend while the better covered and heavier weights were dearer by $6 to $8/head. Medium weight ewes sold from $100 to $154/head. Heavy crossbred ewes$188 to $213/head and the best price for Merino ewes reached $203/head. Crossbred wethers reached $234/head.

Photo: 26 Australian White Lambs sold for $215ph by AgStock on behalf fo R&S Kevill, Yass.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service. Click here to download the full market report.