Market Report – 7 June

Lamb numbers increased and the quality was plainer as cold weather has an effect on quality. Lightweight lambs in store condition were still well supplied and there were fewer prime trade weights. Heavy lambs were in reasonable numbers with most of these supplementary fed. Most of the usual buyers were operating in a cheaper market.

Light restocking lambs sold from $104 to $134/head. The medium and heavy trade weight lambs were $6 to $7 easier and ranged between $125 and $156/head. Heavy lambs eased $4 to $6 and sold from $152 to 178/head. Extra heavy lambs reached $200/head. Carcass prices ranged from 620c to 655c/kg. The best of the heavy hoggets reached $186/head.

Mutton numbers slipped and there were several good runs of heavy sheep but there was an increase in plainer 1 and 2 score light and medium weight sheep. Prices were back $4 with light and medium weight 1 and 2 score ewes ranging from $102 to $155/head for full wool Merinos. Heavy crossbred ewes were $4 dearer and reached $198 and Merino wethers sold to $178/head.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

CLICK HERE to download the SELX Market Report – Prime Sheep & Lamb sale – 7 June 2017.

Photo: Robert, Justin & Jason Woodhead (Rocky Ponds Partnership), Galong sold XB Lambs with Holman Tolmie to a sale top of $200ph.