Market Report – 8 December 2021

Total Yarding: 25,352

Lamb numbers lifted and the quality was mixed with large drafts of store lambs entering the market. Trade lambs were well supplied and there were good lines of heavy and extra heavy weights penned. Most of the lambs were new season lambs but there was a large percentage that were dry in the skin. All the usual buyers were operating in a mixed priced offering. Store lambs were cheaper by an average of $10, trade lambs were $5 to $10 cheaper and there was a better and larger run of heavy and extra heavy lambs upto $20 stronger in places but averaged $6/head dearer across the whole sale.

New season store lambs made from $88 to $183 and trade weight lambs returning to the paddock reached $189/head. Trade weights to 24kg cwt sold from $170 to $204 or 780c to 830c and the 24 to 26kg lambs sold from $209 to $224/head or 800c/kg cwt. Heavy lambs, 26kg and heavier, ranged from $243 to $265 and extra heavy old lambs reached $272/head.

Merino trades made from $148 to $177 and the best priced hogget reached $222/head.

Mutton numbers declined but the quality was good with plenty of medium and heavy sheep. Prices were $7 to $11/head dearer on most. Medium weight ewes made from $105 to $163/head. Heavy crossbred ewes ranged from $190 to $233 and Merinos reached $223/head.

Photo: Milson Family Partnership, Goulburn sold over 600 XB Suckers to a top of $215ph with Elders.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.