Market Report – 9 February

Numbers eased and the quality was plainer. Yearlings were well supplied and feeders were active on most. Grown steers and bullocks were back in volume but the quality was better in both finish and breed. The cow run was much plainer with ideal heavy weights in short supply. Most of the usual buying orders were operating along with an extra feeder order which resulted in a firm to dearer market.

Restocking vealer steers sold to 400c/kg. The best of the trade vealers made to 350c/kg. The feeder steers were firm to 9c/kg dearer depending on breed. Prices ranged from 312c to 351c/kg. Feeder heifers lifted at a similar rate receiving 295c to 336c/kg. Heavy trade steers sold from 324c to 346c/kg.

Grown steers and bullocks gained 10c/kg mostly due to improved quality and breed. Prices ranged from 288c to 322c/kg. Heifers made to 298c/kg. Cows were 10c to 15c cheaper with the medium weight 2 scores 160c to 222c and the heavy 3 and 4 scores 212c to 234c averaging 229c/kg.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

CLICK HERE to download the SELX Market Report – Prime Cattle – 9 February 2017.

Photo: Walter Walsh, Taralga sold Angus x Steers through Michael Hall Livestock to a top of 321c/pk, averaging 618kg, $1983ph.