Market Report – 9 June 2021

Total Yarding: 8,028

There was a slight drop in numbers and the quality slipped with an increase in light secondary lambs. There were still good numbers of trade weights along with a few heavy and extra heavy lambs. The market sold to a dearer trend with most lambs lifting $9 to $10/head.

Light restocking lambs sold from $56 to $124/head. Trade weights to 24kg sold between $177 to $209/head averaging 800c to 860c with the light trades selling to and above 900c/kg cwt. The 24 to 26kg lambs sold from $196 to $218 and the heavy 26 to 30kg lambs made from $210 to $228/head or averaged 750c/kg. Extra heavy lambs reached $244/head. Best priced hogget reached $220/head.

Mutton numbers lifted and the quality was mixed and prices were back $10/head on the ewes with a very good run of Merino wethers sold to a dearer trend. Medium weight ewes sold from $128 to $178/head. Heavy crossbred ewes made from $184 to $246 and Merino ewes reached $213/head. Merino wethers sold dearer reaching $233/head.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: Bailey Anderson, MD & JJ Anderson with vendor Brad Dawson, Binda who sold a total of 228 XB Lambs, with the top pen topping today’s sale at $271ph.

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