Market Report – 9 September 2020

Total Yarding: 8,229

Lamb numbers continue to rise and there were 4,500 new season lambs penned. Trade and heavy lambs were best supplied but there were more lighter trades and a few light store lambs penned. There was a small run of good trade Merinos. The market sold to a mostly dearer trend.

Medium and heavy trades were $3 to $6 dearer and sold from $145 to $159/head, averaging 705c to 740c/kg. Lambs 22kg to 24kg made from $155 to $165 or 680c/kg on average. Heavy lambs ranged from $156 to $174/head to average 630c/kg. Extra heavy new season lambs were firm $163 to $201/head.

Old lambs followed a similar trend with trade weights $134 to $157 and heavy old lambs $156 to $174/head, averaging 660c/kg. Extra heavy weights reached at top of $218/head. Merino lambs to 26kg sold from $139 to $152/head.

Mutton numbers lifted and there were plenty of heavy and extra heavy sheep penned. Merino wethers were better supplied along with crossbred ewes. Prices were firm on the light and medium weights and heavy sheep were back up to $20/head. Medium weight ewes sold from $108 to $135/head. Heavy crossbreds $144 to $170 and Merinos reached $167/head. Medium weight wethers $108 to $135 and heavy weights reached $167/head.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: Tom McGregor, Steve Ridley & Ben Seaman, Elders sold 46 XB Suckers on behalf of Hollywood Pastoral Co, Crookwell for $171ph.

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