COVID-19 restrictions in place at SELX

SELX and the SELX Associated Agents fully support the COVID-19 initiatives announced by the Federal and NSW governments. As a result, SELX is now restricting ALL persons from attending the SELX site until further notice with the following exceptions:

  1. SELX staff and contractors
  2. SELX Associated Agents and their staff
  3. SELX café staff and their suppliers
  4. SELX approved buyers, their drovers and contractors
  5. Livestock carriers, their drovers and contractors

NO other persons are permitted on site and this unfortunately extends to vendors.

For those persons (identified above) who are permitted on site, SELX still requires you to:

  1. Not attend the site if you feel unwell.
  2. Complete a SELX COVID-19 Declaration (version 4) which must be handed to the attendant at the gate every sale day in order to gain entry. No Declaration = No Entry.
  3. Maintain at least 1.5 metre distance from others.
  4. Do not shake hands.
  5. Always maintain proper hygiene including regular hand washing and coughing into a tissue or elbow.
  6. Complete your business on site as quickly and efficiently as possible and then vacate the site.

SELX Approved Buyers

SELX has prepared a list of Approved Buyers for both sheep and cattle sales. ONLY those buyers on the approved buyers list may attend the SELX site until further notice.

Wanting to buy livestock and you are not a SELX approved buyer?

If you wish to purchase livestock at SELX and you are not on the approved buyers list, you should contact your preferred SELX Agent and provide your requirements and instructions to them. Alternatively, you may contact a professional buyer by contacting SELX for further details – 0409 948 639.

If you believe you should be added to the list of approved buyers please contact SELX Saleyard Manager, Rick Maslin – 0499 611 222.

We thank everyone for your continued cooperation and assistance during these unique times.