Market Report – 10 October 2019

Total Yarding: 1037

Numbers increased slightly for a mixed quality offering of cattle with all weights and grades available. The bulk of the yarding included pens of secondary cattle suiting the feedlot and restocker buyers, with prices igniting on the better lines, increasing prices. It was a better offering of mixed cows this week and prices were stronger, with one export processor stepping in on some light cows to put on feed. All the regular spring buying group were present operating in a firm to dearer market.

The quantity of trade cattle this week may have eased slightly but the quality was consistent. The regular domestic processors operated in a mostly firm market, with steers selling from 280c to 310c and the heifer portion making from 262c to 298c, lifting 3c/kg. A full field of feedlot buyers were on deck today and the bidding was strong with prices improving 20c in places for the steer portion, selling from 245c to 300c/kg. The heifers eased 3c to 5c making from 250c to 285c/kg. Restockers were keen to participate and were the successful bidders on the best pen of steers suiting backgrounders or feedlots. Yearling steers reached 314c, with the bulk making from 267c to 303c/kg.

Grown steers were limited this week but there were some good finished types gaining up to 7c, making from 280c to 315c/kg for the C4 types. The cow offering was better this week with more cows on offer with good cover resulting in some good price gains. Heavy 3 and 4 score beef cows sold from 222c to 284c, improving by 13c to 22c/kg. The middle run of D2 types made from 208c to 225c, lifting 22c and the light one score cows sold from 180c to 218c, gaining 8c/kg.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: Elders sold 6 Angus steers for 315c/kg, ave 575kg, $1811.25 ph on behalf of Rugby Pastoral Co.

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