Market Report – 11 September 2019

Total Yarding:  15,431

Lamb numbers improved and the quality was mixed with 1,700 new season store lambs and 1,500 mostly trade new season lamb offered. The old lambs were again mostly trade and heavy weights and there was a very limited supply of extra heavy lambs. The quality of the old lambs was well below the quality of last week. Light Merinos were well supplied. The market sold to a cheaper trend. Not all the usual buyers were operating.

New season store lambs made from $122 to $155/head. Medium and heavy trade weights sold from $140 to $175 to make $4/head cheaper. Heavy new season lambs made up to $190/head and carcase prices averaged from 780c to 790c/kg cwt.

Old 2 score processing lambs were $25 cheaper making from $80 to $94/head. Medium and heavy trade weights sold from $114 to $144/head and heavy lambs made $160 to $176/head. Extra heavy weights sold up to $200/head. Merino trade lambs made from $104 to $144/head.

Mutton numbers lifted and the quality was a little plainer. Prices eased up to $20/head and more on the heavy weights. Medium weight ewes sold from $90 to $136/head. Heavy crossbreds made from $131 to $160/head and heavy Merino ewes sold from $121 to $178/head. Merino wethers made a top of $175/head. Most ranged from 480c to 550c/kg cwt.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: Toby Elliott & Charlie Croker, Landmark, sold 181 XB Lambs on behalf of J Shiel, Lake Bathurst, to a top of $190 ph.

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