Market Report – 14 November 2019

Total Yarding: 1,098

Numbers eased slightly for a mixed quality offering. Weaners were well supplied and there was plenty of competition. Yearlings made up the bulk of the offering and there were a few well finished and heavy grown bullocks. Nearly 220 cows were penned and the market sold to a cheaper trend, with the exception of the heavy feeder steers.

Weaner steers were 30c softer, making from 260c to 289c, as heifers sold from 200c to 260c/kg. Light and medium weight feeder steers eased 20c, receiving from 220c to 281c, but the heavy feeders lifted approximately 20c, making from 242c to top at 290c/kg. Medium weight feeder heifers were 5c cheaper, receiving from 180c to 250c/kg. Trade cattle made from 238c to 255c/kg.

Grown steers and bullocks sold from 248c to 255c/kg. Grown heifers to restock sold from 140c to 200c and the best to process reached 235c/kg. Cows were 10c to 12 cheaper, as the 2 score cows received from 130c to 165c, while the heavy 3 and 4 scores made from 164c to 193c, averaging 184c/kg.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: Via & Colleen Trotter, ‘The Long Yard’, Yass sold a total of 21 Angus Bullocks with Agstock to a top of 250c/kg, av 675kg, $1687.5ph.

Click here to download the full SELX Market Report – Prime Cattle sale – 14 February 2019.