Market Report – 15 June 2022

Prime Lamb & Sheep

Total Yarding: 10,963

Lamb numbers lifted and the quality was again mixed with only a limited numbers of well finished supplementary fed lambs and the majority were showing the effect of the cold weather. Heavy trade weights were best supplied and there were a few good heavy lambs and some light stores. A few extra buyers operated but prices were back $2 to $5/head across most categories due to the plain quality.

Restocking lambs sold from $105 to $150/head for crossbreds and from $34 to $96 for light Merinos. Medium and heavy trade lambs to 24kg sold from $135 to $179/head and averaged 720c/kg with the better finished supplementary fed lambs around 770c/kg. Heavy lambs ranged from $171 to $219/head. The best priced hogget reached $255/head.

Mutton numbers increased and the quality was plainer and prices slipped $5 to $10/head. Medium weight ewes sold from $124 to $144/head and heavy crossbred ewes $200 to $234/head. Heavy Merino ewes reached $190 and heavy Merino wethers estimated 33 to 34kg cwt reached $228/head.

Photo: 23 XB Hoggets sold for $255.2ph by Butt Livestock on behalf of H Wilson Partnership, Berremangra.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service. Click here to download the full market report.