Market Report – 17 January

Total Yarding: 22,659

Lamb numbers declined and the quality fair to good. Light 2 score unshorn lambs remain well supplied and were supported by the usual restocking orders. Shorn trade weights lifted in numbers and there was a good run of heavy weights but extra heavy lambs remain in short supply. All the usual processors were operating in a firm to cheaper market.

The 2 score lambs to re-stockers were back $4 and sold from $88 to $126/head. Medium and heavy trade lambs were firm and sold from $120 to $154/head for new season lambs. Heavy lambs were firm to $2 cheaper and received $150 to $176 and extra heavy lambs have reached $192/head. Carcases averaged from 580c to 630c/kg cwt. The best of the hoggets made to $160/head.

Mutton numbers were steady and there was a good offering of heavy sheep. Medium weights and lighter 1 and 2 score mutton were better supplied. Prices were $6 to $7 cheaper. Medium weight ewes sold from $82 to $116/head. Heavy crossbred ewes reached $132 and long skinned Merinos $144/head. Merino wethers topped at $165/head. Carcase prices averaged 375c to 420c/kg cwt.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: Corey Nicholson, Holman Tolmie topped today’s market with XB Lambs from the Harden District which sold for $192.2ph.

CLICK HERE to download the SELX Market Report – Prime Sheep & Lamb sale – 17 January 2018.