Market Report – 19 December 2019

Total Yarding: 693

The last sale of the year saw numbers fall and the quality was very mixed. All weight and grades were penned and over the whole yarding the quality declined due to a lighter and plainer offering. The market sold 30c and more cheaper on the plain 1 and 2 score cattle, while the preferred lines to feed were 15c/kg cheaper on average.

Vealers to restock made from 180c to 280c/kg. Medium weight feeder steers sold from 240c to 283c and heavy weights from 252c to 262c/kg. Medium weight feeder heifers 170c to 240c with heavy 3 scores reaching 262c/kg. Most of the trade cattle eased 6c to 10c and made from 250c to 276c/kg.

Bullocks topped at 275c and grown heifers to processor sold from 180c to 210c/kg. Most of the medium weight cows went to feeders or re-stockers and sold from 90c to 167c, easing 20c to 30c/kg. Heavy cows eased 8c to 15c selling from 168c to 207c/kg. Next sale of the new year is on January 9th.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: H&M Mitchell sold 12 Angus Steers with Landmark for 283.2c/kg, av 399.6kg, $1131.62ph.

Click here to download the full SELX Market Report – Prime Cattle sale – 19 December 2019.