Market Report – 19 July

Total Yarding: 536

Numbers returned and the quality was plain. There were plenty of light and plain weaners, although heavy yearlings were in limited supply and there were no grown steers to quote. Most of the grown heifers were 1 or 2 scores and approximately 160 cows were offered.

The better quality weaner steers sold 19c dearer, receiving from 255c to 276c, but the plainer run was cheaper, making from 219c and 255c/kg. Heifers sold to 255c/kg. Feeder steers were 13c to 15c cheaper on a plainer run, with the medium and heavy feeders receiving 260c to 289c/kg. A small draft of feeder heifers sold dearer due to their weight, receiving from 250c to 279c/kg. Heavy trade cattle were 5c to 7c dearer reaching 297c/kg.

Grown heifers sold from 200c up to 256c/kg for 2 tooth feeders. Lean cows were 15c to 17c dearer, receiving 170c to 220c/kg. Heavy cows were firm 200c to 248c, with the prime heavy weights averaging 244c/kg.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: MD & JJ Anderson selling Hereford Cows on behalf of Helen & Paul Corby for 255c/kg, av 712.5kg, $1816.88ph.

Click here to download the full SELX Market Report – Prime Cattle sale – 12 July 2018.