Market Report – 2 October 2019

Total Yarding:  17,967

Numbers increased by almost 6,000 sheep and lambs. The extra yarding was predominantly made up of new season lambs with some excellent quality coming from the Crookwell district. There was some good weight amongst them suiting the export and domestic processors. Sheep were better supplied this week. All regular processors were present and operating in an inconsistent market at times with new season lambs selling in a stronger market, due to better quality and sheep settling a little after last week’s increase.

The fresh offering of new season lambs sold firm to $6 stronger with the light and medium weights making from $160 to $177/head. New season light lambs to the processors sold from $111 to $146/head. Light lambs going to feed or returning to the paddock were plentiful due to dry conditions and were selling from $108 and $165/head.

The heavy trade lambs were well supplied selling from $177 to $196/head, or from 742c to 804c/kg cwt. Bidding was strong, with all processors competing for the heavy lambs, resulting in an improvement of $3 in places, selling from $189 to $211/head. Heavy export types were better quality, making from $218 to $242/head and the over 30kg lambs made to $248, representing 784c/kg cwt. Processors were less active throughout the shorn lamb categories, with prices easing in the lighter weights but remaining firm across the export grades. Heavy trade lambs made from $168 to $193/head averaging 718c/kg cwt. Heavy export lambs sold to solid demand, making from $180 to $240 and the over 30kg lambs made from $230 and $278/head, to make 756c/kg cwt.

Excellent numbers of mixed quality mutton were offered with some good weight amongst them. Well finished heavy 4 score crossbred ewes sold from $150 and $223/head to average 551c/kg cwt. The Merino $146/head.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: B&E Robinson, Binalong, topped today’s sale with 21 XB lambs sold by Agstock for $278.2 ph.

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