Market Report – 21 February

Total Yarding: 10,195

Lamb numbers declined for a mostly plain offering. Although light store lambs were back in numbers they still made up a large percentage of the yarding. Ideal prime trade and heavy lambs were in short supply and there were only a handful of extra heavy weights. Most lambs were showing the effects of the dry summer conditions. Not all the usual buyers were operating fully in a dearer market.

Restocking lambs 12-16kg sold from $65 to $112/head. Light processing lambs sold from $73 to $113/head. Trade lambs gained $4 to $7 and made from $115 to $140/head to average 610c/kg cwt. Heavy lambs were firm to dearer selling from $141 to $161 and extra heavy lambs topped at $181/head. Hoggets reached $160/head. Carcase prices averaged between 570c and 610c/kg cwt.

Mutton numbers also eased in a mixed quality offering. Light sheep made up the majority, but included several pens of heavy crossbred ewes. Light sheep sold to a dearer trend while medium and heavy sheep sold firm to dearer. Medium weight ewes made from $76 to $125/head. Heavy crossbreds sold to $161/head. Carcase prices ranged from 400c for the medium weights to 360c/kg cwt for heavy sheep on average.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: J&J Forbutt, Young topped today’s market with Mark, Gerrard & Partners selling their XB Lambs for $181.6ph.

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