Market Report – 21 June

Total Yarding: 875

Numbers fell and the quality improved with a better bred line up. Weaners were well supplied and there were fewer yearlings. Feeders and a few restocking orders purchased most of the young cattle with the trade buyers remaining very selective. Prime grown steers were limited and there were plenty of plain light weight grown heifers. Around 280 cows were penned. Young cattle were dearer but cows eased.

Weaners to restock and feed were 25c to 30c/kg dearer on average, but the quality was much better. Most sold from 245c to 280c/kg. Heavy trade vealers sold from 260c to 298c/kg. Medium weight feeder steers were 10c dearer, ranging from 250c to 314c, while heifers sold from 263c to 272c/kg. Heavy trade cattle were firm, selling from 270c to 278c/kg.

Prime grown steers over 500kg ranged from 274c to 280c and most of the grown heifers 210c to 240c/kg. Cows were 5c to 6c cheaper, with the medium weight 2 score cows making from 135c to 170c/kg. Heavy 3 and 4 scores sold from 145c to 194c, with the prime heavy weights averaging 185c/kg.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: Kay Andrews ‘Jeir Station’, Jeir admiring her 11 Angus x steers which sold for 314.2c/kg, av 381.8kg, $1200 ph by Michael Hall Livestock.

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