Market Report – 23 March 2023

Prime Cattle

Total Yarding: 597

Numbers eased and the quality improved with a large percentage of the yarding heavy weights in good condition. Light and medium weights were limited. There was an increase in grown steers and heifers and around 140 cows were offered. The market held firm on the young feeder and trade cattle, Grown steers were back either due to the extra weight on offer or the plainer older cattle, 6 teeth and up. Grown heifers were firm and the prime heavy cows lost 11c to 13c/kg.

Heavy vealers reached 359c/kg. Medium weight feeders sold from 280c to 342c and the heavy weights 295c to 357c/kg. Heavy feeder heifers 300c to 342c/kg. heavy trade steers and heifers both sold to 340c/kg.

Grown steers and bullocks ranged from 260c to 320c and the heifers 280c to 320c/kg. Prime heavy cows ranged between 248c and 266c and the medium weight 2 score cows 220c to 240c/kg.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service. Click here to download full market report.

Photo: 8 Hereford Heifers sold for 288.2c/kg, ave 425.6kg, $1227ph by AgStock on behalf of R&L Sturt, Batlow.