Market Report – 24 October

Total Yarding: 27,903

Lamb numbers increases as nearly 12,000 head of new season lambs were offered. The quality varied throughout the sale with an increase in light and store lamb numbers. There was a good run of trade weights and a few heavy lambs, but extra heavy lambs remain limited. Merino lamb numbers were back. There were a few extra restocking orders operating and the market sold to a dearer trend.

New season lambs to restock sold from $85 to $135/head. Medium and heavy trade weights were $7 to $10 dearer, making from $145 to $186/head. Heavy lambs sold from $198 to $206 and extra heavy lambs reached $230/head. Carcase prices averaged from 760c to 800c/kg cwt.

Shorn trade weights sold from $133 to $175/head. Heavy lambs made from $170 to $220/head. Heavy Merino lambs received from $141 to $170/head. Hoggets reached $171/head.

Mutton numbers improved and the quality was fair to good, with most of the sheep being medium weights. Prices were close to firm to slightly stronger. Medium weight ewes sold from $86 to $140/head. The heavy crossbreds made from $116 to $155 and heavy Merino wethers sold from $127 to $146/head. Carcase prices averaged from 450c to 500c/kg cwt.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: J Percival, Binda topped the Sucker Market with 66 XB Suckers sold by Duncombe & Co to a top of $230ph.

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