Market Report – 3 January

Total Yarding: 15,847

It was a good quality yarding with a good selection of trade weight lambs, which included 10,500 new season lambs along with good numbers of ideal lambs to suit the re-stockers and feeders. There was a limited selection of heavy weight lambs.

Lightweight lambs to the processors were around firm with the 12-18kg 2 scores selling from $113 to $131/head. Trade lambs were up to $9 dearer with the trade weight new season lambs selling from $131 to $180/head to average between 710c and 730c/kg cwt. Trade weight old lambs sold from $140 to $174/head. Trade weight Merino lambs sold to $116/head. The few heavy weight lambs were also dearer with the over 22kg 4 score new season lambs sold from $178 to $200/head. Lambs to the re-stockers and feeders were firm to $5 dearer and re-stockers paid from $90 to $131 for the better types while the feeders paid to $142/head. Hoggets sold to $159/head.

It was a better quality yarding of mutton where most grades were $6/head dearer. 2 score ewes sold from $66 to $92 while the better 3 and 4 scores sold from $82 to $145 for crossbreds and $143/head for Merinos. Merino wethers sold to $146/head.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: Tom & Chris Hughes, Bannister topped today’s market with these XB Lambs sold by Elders for $200ph.

Sale Top Quotes


DM & SL Keith, Goulburn, (LAN), 198; D & O Cady, Crookwell, (LAN), 190; Roscommon Pastoral, Crookwell, (DUN), 190; DO, IJ & JJ Blewitt, Goulburn, (LAN), 184; CE & CJ Chalker, Taralga, (LAN), 182.


TEF Hughes, Gurrundah, (ELD), 200; TEF Hughes, Gurrundah, (ELD), 198; Tolldale Gunning, Gunning, (JIM), 195; Harrison & Sons, Araluen, (JIM), 194; TEF Hughes, Gurrundah, (ELD), 193.


Barry G Woods, Laggan, (DUN), 148; Bo-bar Partnership, Braidwood, (ELD), 144; Boigu Partnership, Berremangra, (AGS), 142; Boigu Partnership, Berremangra, (AGS), 140; Brian D Gray, Crookwell, (AND), 140.

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