Market Report – 31 March

There were only 440 weaners penned a week out from an advertised weaner sale. Most lots were light weights and there were only a few pens of medium weights. PTIC cows were very well supplied with large drafts of one line offered. Around 100 cow and calf units were penned. There was a good buying group but most were interested in the PTIC and cow and calf runs. Prices remain strong across today’s sale.

Light weaner steers sold to $850 with most selling between $620 and $770/head. Medium weights ranged from $720 to $1,230/head averaging 400c to 430c/kg lwt. Light weaner heifers sold from $430 to $710 and the heavier run $730 to $1,080/head averaging 350c to 360c/kg lwt. Yearling steers topped at $1,410 and heifers $980/head.

PTIC heifers sold between $1,040 and $1,480/head. Most of the PTIC cows ranged from $1,700 to 2 and a half year old Angus cows that reached $2,170/head. Heavy Hereford cows with an older calf at foot topped the market at $2,275/head with most of the cow/calf units at $1,700 and up. Dry cows some with the opportunity with a bull $910 to $1,100/head.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

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Photo: AgStock sold Angus Cows & Calves to a sale top of $2570ph on behalf of Montana Pastoral Co, Coolac.