Market Report – 6 December 2023

Prime Lamb & Sheep

Total Yarding: 29,828

Lamb numbers lifted and the quality improved. There was a better run of trade and heavy weight new season lamb and while there were plenty of store and light trade lambs there was a larger restocking group keen to acquire. There were more shorn new season lambs through the sale and these lambs attracted a premium. The market sold to stronger trends.

New season store lambs to 16kg cwt sold to $106/head for shorn lambs to go onto feed and the light trades returning to the paddock reached $117/head. Trade weights to 22kg sold between $95 to $114/head averaging around 500c/kg. The 24 to 26kg lambs kicked $10 to $15/head on the fresher lambs selling from $126 to $158/head averaging from 520c to 550c but out to 600c/kg on the best. Heavy weights sold from $144 to $192/head.

Old trades started at $90 and sold to $124/head averaging 480c to 515c/kg. Heavy weights ranged from $120 to $150/head or 475c and extra heavy lambs reached $170/head. The best of the hoggets reached $112/head.

Mutton numbers doubled and the quality was mixed. Heavy mutton was firm and the more trade weight mutton lifted $5 to $6/head while light weights were $2 to $3 stronger. Medium weight ewes sold from $31 to $39/head. Heavy crossbred ewes reached $80 and Merino $66 and young Merino wethers topped at $96/head.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service. Click here to download full market report.

Photo: Peter Manwaring, Harden sold 19 XB Suckers for $159.2ph with Holman Tolmie.