Market Report – 6 October 2021

Total Yarding: 12,751

Lamb numbers were similar and the quality varied with some lambs appearing dry in the skin. New season lambs made up the bulk of the offering and there were good numbers of trade and heavy weights. Store lambs were also better supplied and there was extra buying competition. Extra heavy lambs were limited. The market trend was dearer overall.

New season store lambs were up $25, selling from $130 to $193/head. Trade lambs to 24kg cwt were $10 to $13 stronger, selling from $199 to $240 and the 24 to 26kg cwt lambs sold from $235 to $265/head and had an average range of 940c to 990c with the better lambs averaging 970c to 980c/kg cwt. Heavy lambs sold from $266 to $298 and the odd extra heavy lamb reached $301/head.

Old lambs were very limited and the few trade weights sold from $188 to $224/head. Heavy weights ranged from $225 and $268 and extra heavy weights reached $284/head. Merino lambs and hoggets were well supplied and sold between $184 and $240/head. Crossbred hoggets reached $250/head.

Mutton numbers eased slightly and the quality was fair. Light sheep were limited and lifted $10 to $15 while a plainer run of heavy mutton eased $4 to $8/head. Heavy crossbred ewes sold from $210 to $242 and Merinos from $178 to $226/head. Younger ewes sold to $252/head to a restocking order.

Photo: Hollywood Pastoral Co, Rugby, sold a total of 455 XB Suckers to a top of $300 ph with Elders.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service. Click here to download full Market Report.