Market Report – Prime Sheep & Lambs – 12 October

A total yarding of just under 17,000 sheep and lambs was offered at SELX today, an increase of 10,000 from the previous sale. This is in line with an increased yarding in all centres throughout NSW. 5,300 suckers were offered which showed freshness and maturity and sold to solid competition and topped at $156.50. Heavy suckers were $8 – $12 cheaper, trade suckers firm to $5 cheaper and store suckers still selling to strong competition. 2,500 XB lambs were offered and slipped $10 – $12 on last week’s sale, with weight and quality a factor. 2,000 merino wether lambs offered were also $10 – $12 cheaper with quality having some influence. A big yarding of 5,000 mutton was offered with more weight and cover on the lead draft of wethers than previous weeks. Heavy wethers were generally $8 – $12 cheaper, light to medium weight mutton was up to $10 cheaper, except for the larger runs offered which was towards firm compared to last week’s hot market.

Market Report: Phill Butt, Butt Livestock & Property

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Photo: Michael Hall of Michael Hall Livestock & Property sold XB Suckers on behalf of NW & DA Roche, Dalton to a top of $129ph.