Market Report – 1 August

Total Yarding: 13,898

Lamb numbers were up, including nearly 850 new season lambs and approximately 4,000 Merino lambs, along with a mixed run of crossbreds. Once again, quality was mostly plain, with the odd exception of supplementary fed trade and heavy lambs. The market was cheaper, although the few well finished lambs with cover remained firm.

Light new season lambs sold from $51 to $105, while trade weights made from $124 to $145/head.

Old 2 score processing lambs were $20 cheaper, making from $54 to $104/head. Medium and heavy trade weights eased $13 to $15 and sold from $113 to $167/head. Heavy lambs received from $146 to $166 and extra heavy lambs reached $260/head. Carcase prices made from 630c to 650c for a general run of lambs, with the neater lambs receiving from 730c to 780c/kg cwt. Light Merino lambs sold from $18 to $78/head. Trade weights made from $118 to $146 and heavy weights to topped at $198/head.

Mutton numbers were back and the quality was mixed. Prices were cheaper, easing $20/head. Medium weight ewes received from $58 to $119/head. Heavy crossbreds reached $140/head and most averaged from 350c and 420c/kg cwt.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: Alan McCormack,’Walwa Merino Stud’ Gurrundah with Daniel Tarlinton, Elders who topped today’s market with 29 XB Lambs for $260ph.

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