Market Report – 10 January

Total Yarding: 30,559

Lamb numbers jumped and there were 17,500 new season lambs penned. The quality was a little plainer with plenty of 2 score lambs for the re-stockers. There was a good run of medium and heavy trade weights but heavy lambs were back in volume. All the usual buyers were operating in a cheaper market.

The 2 score restocking lambs sold from $89 for very lightweights to $135/head. Medium and heavy trade lambs were $15 and more in some sales and prices ranged from $130 to $146/head to average 640c to 660c/kg cwt. Similarly, heavy lambs have eased, selling from $145 to $172 with the few heavy weights reaching $188/head or 600c to 630c/kg cwt. The best of the hoggets reached $170/head.

Mutton quality was good with plenty of heavy sheep. Prices were firm to $4/head cheaper. Medium weights sold from $78 to $123/head for long skinned Merinos. Heavy crossbreds reached $155 and heavy wethers $142/head. Carcase prices averaged from 420c to 450c/kg cwt.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: Garrabray P/L, Greenethorpe topped today’s market with XB Lambs sold by Jason Davis and Sal Butt, Butt Livestock & Property for $190ph.

Sale Top Quotes


Pejar Park, Goulburn, (ELD), 180; Ashwell Partnership, Gurrundah, (LAN), 174; Wattledean Pastoral, Crookwell, (AND), 173; D&C Cady, Crookwell, (LAN), 159; Union Agriculture, Galong, (DEL), 158.


Garabray Pty Ltd, Greenthorpe, (BLP), 190; Flanery Farm Trust, Stromlo, (ELD), 188; Angus Connor, Taralga, (HAL), 188; SA Joice, Bundanoon, (ELD), 184; G & J Blinksell, Burra, (JIM), 180.


IV Hoolihan, Rydal, (RAY), 155; Riverview Wallah, Rugby, (ELD), 155; Narrawa Pastoral, Rugby, (ELD), 155; GC Willcocks, Yass, (BLP), 151; G Everton, Rye Park, (ELD), 150.

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