Market Report – 14 January 2021

Total Yarding: 424

Numbers increased for the first sale of the year. Quality was very good with weight a feature with a large percentage of the cattle 450kg and heavier. Yearlings made up the bulk and feeder purchased the majority of the young cattle. There were 54 cows offered and again most were heavy 4 score cows. Not all the usual orders were operating but the market sold to a dearer trend.

The few weaner steers sold from 475c to 500c/kg. Medium weight feeder steers made from 378c to 421c/kg. Heavy feeders sold from 380c to 420c/kg. Medium and heavy feeder heifers made from 370c to 431c/kg. Heavy trade steers and heifers were selling from 380c to 385c/kg. Medium weights were making from 420c to 446c/kg. The limited supply of grown steers to process sold from 372c to 380c and the heavier bullocks made from 350c to 375c/kg.

The few medium weight cows sold from 303c to 311c and the heavy 4 scores were making from 285c to 310c/kg. The best of the heavy bulls reached 314c/kg.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: Peter & Margaret Hyles ‘Canalong’, Berremangra sold 16 Angus x Steers with AgStock for 410c/kg, av 517.2kg, $2120.47ph.

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