Market Report – 19 November 2020

Total Yarding: 615

Numbers lifted slightly for a mixed quality offering. Yearlings were best supplied with feeders purchasing the majority. Grown steers and heifers were in reduced numbers whilst 90 cows were penned. The market trended cheaper.

Weaner steers sold to 530c and heifers topped at 500c/kg. Feeder steers eased 20c and sold from 370c to 425c/kg. Medium weight heifers softened 10c and sold from 374c to 436c as heavy weights made from 362c to 385c/kg. Heavy trade steers were back 3c to sell from 376c to 425c/kg. A limited number of grown steers and bullocks fell 30c to sell from 320c to 358c whilst the heavy grown heifers followed a similar trend, selling from 310c to 346c/kg.

Again most of the cows were heavy weights and sold 2c to 4c cheaper on average. Heavy cows sold from 308c to 320c/kg. The few lighter 1 and 2 score cows made from 260c to 288c/kg.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: Buckenbowra Pastoral Co, Mogo sold 18 Angus x Heifers with Elders for 436.2c/kg, av 345.8kg, $1508.53ph.

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