Market Report – 2 May 2019

Total Yarding: 1,585

The first sale for 3 weeks saw a slightly larger penning. Yearling feeders were well supplied and there was only a limited number of weaners and grown steers. There was a very good run of heavy yearling steers that sold to a processor and approximately 570 mainly medium weight cows penned. The market was dearer than the last sale 3 weeks ago.

Weaner steers to restock sold from 263c to 308c/kg. Heifers to restock made from 230c to 263c/kg. The fresh butcher vealers sold from 281c to 308c/kg. Medium weight feeder steers were up 7c, receiving from 240c to 315c to average 290c/kg. Heavy feeder steers sold from 270c to 317c/kg. Medium weight heifers were 13c stronger, averaging 271c on the C muscle and 250c/kg on the D muscle. Trade cattle were 20c stronger, making from 270c to 306c/kg.

Bullocks sold from 290c to 300c and heavy grown heifers made from 208c to 262c/kg. Cows were 6c to 8c dearer on average, but the medium weight 2 score cows varied in prices, with the heavier cows stronger than the lighter weights. The 2 score cows sold from 130c to 188c/kg. Heavy 3 and 4 score cows made from 165c to 218c, with the 4 score cows averaging 212c/kg.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: John & John Anastasio ‘APV investments’, Fullerton sold 23 Angus x Steers with MD & JJ Anderson for 306.2c/kg, av 637kg, $1950.36ph.

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