Market Report – 21 October 2020

Total Yarding: 16,968

Lamb numbers fell slightly and the quality was good. There were around 11,100 new season lambs offered. Trade and heavy lambs were well supplied and there was a reasonably number of store and light trade lambs penned. Merino lambs showed a slight increase in numbers. All the usual buying group attended the market which sold to dearer trend.

New season lambs to restocking orders sold from $88 to $158/head. Medium and heavy trade lambs were $3 to $5 dearer making from $146 to $178/head. Heavy lambs were $5 stronger selling from $177 to $197/head and averaged around 760c/kg cwt. Extra heavy weights over 27kg made from $190 to $228 gaining from $10 to $12/head. The limited supply of old heavy weight lambs sold from $172 to $199/head. Extra heavy old lambs reached $221/head. Trade Merino lambs made from $162 to $173 and heavy weights reached $199/head averaging 730c/kg cwt.

Mutton numbers were steady and quality was fair to good with most of the mutton medium and heavy weights. Prices were dearer and heavy sheep lifted up to $15/head dearer. Medium weights made from $141 to $160/head. Heavy crossbred ewes sold from $190 to $233 and Merinos reached $198/head. Restockers paid up to $264/head for young ewes.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: J Buckman, Yass sold 13 Australian White Ewes & Lambs with AgStock for $264ph.

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