Market Report – 22 February

Total Yarding: 1,210

Cattle numbers eased and the quality was fair to good. There were plenty of feeder cattle along with a small increase in trade yearlings. Prime grown steers and bullocks over 500kg were in very short supply and there was a lighter run of grown heifers which were mostly sold to restockers and younger heifers mainly went to feeders. Around 220 cows were also penned.

Light restocking vealers were 14c cheaper selling from 270c to 317c/kg. Heavy butcher vealers sold to 294c/kg. Medium weight feeder steers were firm and heavy weights lifted 6c on average on a better run of straight bred steers to make from 230c to 290c/kg. Feeder heifers eased 4c to 8c receiving 245c to 269c/kg. Heavy trade steers were firm from 265c to 272c but heifers eased 8c to average 249c/kg.

Prime grown steers and bullocks to process were back 12c on a plainer run selling from 232c to 250c while the heifer portion sold to 242c/kg. The 2 score cows were 7c dearer with strong restocking competition to make from 174c to 200c/kg. Heavy cows were 2c to 4c dearer from 176c to 207c with the prime 4 score cows averaging 197c/kg.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: Jim Hindmarsh & Co selling 12 Angus x Steers on behalf of Filetron, Southern Highlands for 276c/kg, av 397.9kg, $1098.25ph.

CLICK HERE to download the SELX Market Report – Prime Cattle sale – 22 February 2018.