Market Report – 23 August 2023

Prime Lamb & Sheep

Total Yarding: 10,136

Lamb numbers lifted and the quality improved slightly with a few more well finished trade and heavy lambs. The bulk of the lambs remain light weights and secondary trade lambs that are lacking the desired cover that buyers want. There was a big run of light Merino lambs. All the usual buyers were operating and the market sold to cheaper trends on the light and secondary trade lambs but improved $3 to $8/head on the better trade and heavy lambs.

Limited numbers of trade new season lambs were offered and lambs estimated 22 to 24kg sold to $124/head or 535c/kg on average. The 2 score processing lambs to 18kg sold from $15 to $49/head. Trade lambs 22 to 24kg ranged from $63 to $114 and the 24 to 26kg lambs $86 to $127/head, averaging between 420c and 440c/kg cwt for a run of lambs with the best lambs upto 480c/kg. Secondary lambs averaged 300c to 350c/kg. Heavy weights 26 to 30kg ranged from $97 to $135 and extra heavy lambs sold to $131/head. Light Merinos ranged from $10 to $45/head. Best priced Hoggets reached $88/head.

Mutton numbers were steady and the quality remains mixed. Ewes made up the bulk of the yarding and prices were $10 to $15/head cheaper. Medium weight ewes sold from $12 to $44, heavy crossbreds ranged from $66 to $69 and Merinos reached $72/head.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service. Click here to download full market report.

Photo: 369 XB Suckers sold to a top of $124.2ph by Holman Tolmie on behalf of Eulo Pastoral Co, Harden.