Market Report – 23 March

Total Yarding: 389

Consignments dropped sharply compared to the last monthly store sale, with the market bought forward due to the Easter holiday break. Weaners were scarce in the pens, with fair percentages of cow and calf units along with a good supply of PTIC cows and older heifers in the market. Buyers were mainly from the local and surrounding regions, with most categories selling at cheaper prices compared to the last monthly store sale.

Weaner steers overall were plainer, with the over 200kg Angus ranging from $560 to $670/head and averaging an estimated 283c/kg. The heavier pens made from $860 to $965/head and averaged from 302c to 305c/kg. The limited supply of weaner heifers weighing over 200kg sold from $500 to $590/head, depending on breed and quality.

The PTIC heifers were mainly Angus and quality was good, these made from $1,090 to $1,400/head. The PTIC cows topped at $1,360, with the bulk of the heavier drafts sold in the $1,100 to $1,200/head range. The cow and calf units made from $780 to $1,700/unit, the latter attained for heavy weight crossbreds. The dry cows sold at similar prices compared to the prime markets, with some purchased by the restocker and processor orders.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: Michael Hall Livestock & Property topped today’s market with 7 x 7 Angus / Shorthorn x Cows & Calves on behalf of B&R Fairfax, Taralga for $1700ph.

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