Market Report – 27 July 2022

Prime Lamb & Sheep

Total Yarding: 6326

Lamb numbers fell and there was a mix of quality and condition through the sale. Light Merino lambs made up nearly a third and secondary trade weight lambs made up the bulk. Heavy and extra heavy lambs were limited and there was plenty of opportunity for restockers to purchase lambs to fillout. Not all the usual buyers operated and the market sold to a to a cheaper trend. Medium and heavy trade lambs were$20 to $25/head cheaper and heavy lambs took a bigger drop of $40 to $45/head.

Restocking Merino lambs sold from $76 to $89/head. Trade lambs to 22kg cwt sold from $100 to $132/head and averaged 560c/kg cwt. The 22 to 24kg lambs $100 to $149/head. Heavy weights to 26kg sold from $148 to $161/head with the help of a butcher order after this weight and averaged 600c/kg. Lambs 26 to 30kg ranged from $138 to $150 and extra heavy weights topped at $188/head. Best priced hogget reached $166/head.

Mutton numbers eased and quality was only fair. Light and medium weight sheep made up the bulk and there were only limited numbers of heavy weights. The mutton market eased $10 to $15/head. Light ewes sold from $27 to $66/head. Medium weights ranged from $72 to $150/head. Heavy crossbred ewes reached $185 and heavy Merino wethers sold to $150/head. Most averaged around 440c/kg cwt.

Photo: 51 XB Ewes sold for $185.2ph by Duncombe & Co on behalf of P&J Selmes, Narrawa.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service. Click here to download the full market report.