Market Report – 8 August

Total Yarding: 8,448

Numbers decreased this sale, with lambs showing the reduction. Lamb quality was very mixed, with a large percentage of plainer types penned, along with the few better finished lambs available. The usual buyers were present and competing.

There was 550 new season lambs penned and prices were from $98 to $129 for the bulk of the better lambs, with one quality pen reaching $180/head. Light old lambs sold from $119 to $123/head. Trade weights received from $133 to $180, while heavy lambs made from $187 to $215/head. Carcase prices averaged 679c to 783c/kg cwt.

Mutton numbers remained steady and quality was again very mixed. Merino ewes sold from $75 to $120/head. Crossbred ewes made from $83 to $113, with Merino wethers receiving from $85 to $126/head.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: Yass High School topped today’s market with Butt Livestock & Property selling XB Lambs for $215ph.

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