Market Report – 8 February

Lamb numbers eased and quality was mixed. There were plenty of light store lambs, both shorn and unshorn. Trade lambs were in reasonable numbers and reflecting the dry summer conditions, lacking finish. There was a good run of heavy weights. Not all the usual buyers were operating in a cheaper market.

Restocking store lambs were back $4 on the light weights while prices fell up to $12/head on the heavier end. Prices ranged from $76 to $113/head. The medium and heavy trade lambs were $8 to $10/head cheaper with less domestic competition and a fall in quality. Trades sold from $118 to $143/head averaging 590c, with the better end of the trade lambs 625c/kg cwt. Heavy lambs were $14 cheaper selling from $131 to $162/head, to range from 580c to 595c/kg cwt. There was a good run of hoggets with the top price reaching $146/head.

Mutton numbers increased and the quality varied. Prices on the ewes were firm to $3 easier, with medium weights selling between $80 and $113/head. Heavy Merino ewes reached $139 and crossbred ewes to $134/head. Merino wethers with a big skin topped the mutton market reaching $157/head. Most of the mutton ranged between 400c and 440c/kg cwt.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service

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Photo: Jock Duncombe, Duncombe & Co sold Suckers on behalf of C & T Willis, Crookwell to a sale top of $162ph.