Market Report – 8 September 2021

Total Yarding: 4972

Lamb numbers fell with only 1,600 mixed quality new season lambs penned. There were a few good trade and heavy new season lambs along with a small percentage of light store lambs. Old lambs were again mixed with excellent runs of grain assisted lambs alongside clean up tail end lines. Merino lambs were limited and were very mixed in quality and condition. The market trended dearer.

New season store lambs ranged from $122 to $181/head. Trade lambs to 24kg cwt, made from $202 to $249 and the 24 to 26kg cwt category ranged from $248 to $270/head. Trade weights over 26kg cwt reached $274/head and averaged between 960c and 985c/kg cwt.
Medium and heavy old trade lambs were firm, selling from $170 to $245/head with most averaging between 880c and 920c/kg cwt.

Heavy old lambs were the big movers lifting $15 on quality and demand, making from $247 to $259/head. Extra heavy weights were $7 stronger and sold from $285 to $320/head. Merino trades made from $166 to $202 and heavy weights reached $224/head.

Mutton numbers dropped and the quality varied with heavy and extra heavy crossbreds best supplied. Prices were firm on the few light and medium weights while heavy mutton was cheaper. Medium weight ewes sold from $140 to $166/head. Heavy crossbreds made from $195 to $235 with restockers paying to $251/head.

Photo: Elders sold 99 XB Suckers on behalf of M Jones to a top of $274 ph.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service. Click here to download the full SELX Market Report.