Prime Cattle – 9 March

Numbers remained steady and the quality was mixed which made prices fluctuate throughout the sale. Yearlings were best supplied and most went to feeder and restocking orders. Prime cattle were in short supply and well-bred young heifers were in demand with restockers. There were a few pens of well-finished grown cattle but numbers were limited. Around 240 mixed quality cows were penned to the usual buyers.

Vealers to the trade sold to 363c/kg. Light restocking steers reached 346c/kg. Medium weight feeder steers were 10c/kg stronger on average but plainer bred cattle sold cheaper. Heavy 2 score feeder steers eased 8c/kg. Prices ranged from 285c to 340c/kg. Medium weight feeder heifers were firm and restocking lines lifted 6c to 11c/kg. Feeder heifers ranged from 288c to 326c/kg. Trade steers were firm topping at 356c for steers and 366c/kg for a single heifer.

Grown steers were in short supply and lifted 9c ranging from 294c to 305c and better yielding heifers gained 6c/kg. The 2 score cows lost 3c and the better-covered medium weight were 3c/kg dearer. Heavy cows eased 3c/kg. The 2 score cows sold from 170c to 212c and heavy weight 3 and 4 scores 215c to 230c averaging 222c/kg.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

CLICK HERE for SELX Market Report – Prime Cattle – 9 March 2017.

Photo: Mark Joliffe, Gerrard & Partners Livestock, sold Angus X Steers to a top of 340c/kg, averaging 379.3kg, $1289.45ph on behalf of Dorroughby P/L.