Market Report – 12 July 2023

Prime Lamb & Sheep

Total Yarding: 9938

Numbers lifted this sale with agents yarding 10,660 head. There was 7,370 lambs penned and quality was similar to that of previous sales. There was a handy offering of trade weights penned along with a small selection of heavier lambs. The usual buyers were present and competing in a fairly steady market.

Light lambs to processors sold from $67 to $102/head. Trade weights 20-24 kg received from $93 to $125/head. Heavyweights to 26kg sold from $130 to $146 with those few over 26kg reaching $175/head. Carcass prices averaging 505 to 530c/kg.

Mutton quality was very mixed with plainer ewes making up the majority. Merino ewes sold from $73 to $119/head. Crossbred ewes received from $78 to $137/head. A large run of merino wethers sold from $54 to $91/head.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service. Click here to download full market report.

Photo: 53 XB Lambs sold for $145ph by Elders on behalf of D&M Davis.