Market Report – 28 July 2021

Total Yarding: 7981

A reduced offering of lambs and quality remains mixed. Trade and heavy lambs were well supplied and there were several very good lines of extra heavy lambs. Light lambs were limited and Merino numbers were back. The better quality lambs sold to a dearer trend of $6 to $10/head while the secondary lambs were similar.

Light 2 score processing lambs sold from $128 to $166/head. Medium and heavy trade weights to 24kg made from $194 to $250/head ranging from 930c to 1,000c/kg cwt. Lambs weighing 24 to 26kg cwt ranged from $234 to $262/head or 950c/kg cwt. Heavy 26 to 30kg cwt lambs made from $256 to $291 and extra heavy weights over 30kg cwt made from $310 to $323/head. Merino trade weights ranged between $167 and $190 and heavy weights reached $260/head. Best priced hogget made $246/head.

Just a small decrease in mutton numbers and the quality was good. Mostly medium weight ewes were penned and prices were $15 to $18/head dearer. Medium weight ewes sold from $154 to $185/head. Heavy crossbred ewes made from $210 to $270 while heavy Merinos made from $233 to $248/head. The best wether reached $243/head.

Market Report: MLA’s National Livestock Reporting Service.

Photo: Jock Duncombe, Duncombe & Co, topped today’s sale with this pen of XB Lambs selling on behalf of K&J Weir, Pinewalla Poll Dorset & White Suffolk Stud, Crookwell for $323 ph.

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